Team Captain Championship 
New National Format! Team Captain's Championship National Qualifier Winners advance to the APA Team Captains Championship for the World Pool Championships in August of 2019, in Las Vegas.
Maine APA Team Captains Championship is February 23 & 24th, click here for more info!
Doors open at 11am, tournament starts at noon 

TO REGISTER: Email team registration to, or fax the team registration form to 207-353-6566. Registration form can be found by clicking here

Any questions, please call Pauline or John at 207-353-6466

This is a relativly new format for the World Pool Championships, below are the RULES:
• All team members must be a captain of a standard 8-Ball, 9-Ball or Ladies team and must be a captain for 2 sessions for the league year
• Maximum of 5 players on a team; teams may choose any 3 of the 5 team members to participate in each match, handicap limit of 15
• A team can be made up of any captain in Maine, regardless of location or format played. 
• Alternate between 8-Ball & 9-Ball racks, starting with 8-Ball.
• All captains must have 20 lifetime matches (in the past 2 years) and be an active captain for the Summer 2018 session
• Double Elim - Entry - $180 per team
 For more rules click here for a complete list 

This may be a 2 day event, depending on the amount of teams!
Check out the event on facebook! 
Check out the Finals of the 2018 Team Captains Championship on Youtube!