Grand Prix Tour 2019-2020 

The Grand Prix Tour is a series of tournaments held throughout the latter half of the year, to the beginning of the next one. Each tournament is a stop, and labeled with its own number. Play in one, a few or all. At the end of the tournament series there will be a Championship Tournament with cash prizes and trophies.  

Grand Prix Tour '19-'20

North Schedule
South Schedule  
  • Entry: $20.00 ~ Double Elimination
  • We keep a tally of how players place in the tournament and award points
  • We hold back 25% of the entry and at the end of the Tournament Series the top ten (10) places receive a payout and we add cash to a Championship Tournament.
  • The Championship tournament is held after the 12 tournaments are complete.  Players must play in at least 4 local tournaments to play in the Maine Grand Prix Championship.
  • We award a plaque to all the players who placed 1st in the local tournaments. (given out at the championship tournament)
  • Play in one or play in the all.  NON-APA PLAYERS ARE WELCOME. THEY MUST PAY THE $25.00 MEMBERSHIP ALONG WITH THE $20.00 ENTRY FEE (Membership year runs from January-December)

25 Points   1st Place
20 Points   2nd Place
15 Points   3rd Place
14 Points   4th Place
12 Points   5th/6th Place
11 Points   7th/8th Place
10 Points   Top Lady (If the top lady places in a position that earns points, they do not get the 10 points)
 5 Points    Just for showing up