Google Wallet Frequently Asked Questions


What is Google Wallet?
Google Wallet is a mobile application which is used to send and receive money. The application is fast, free and safe
What are the requirements?
A smartphone, either an Android phone or tablet running 4.0 or above, or an iOS device with 7.0 or above. Another requirement would be a gmail account and bank account information or a debit card.
Is Google Wallet safe?
Yes. Google Wallet requires a pin number in order to access the application. As well Google Wallet Fraud Protection covers 100% of verified unauthorized Google Wallet transactions within 120 days of the transaction. Also if your phone is lost or stolen you can immediately revoke access to your device at
Are there fees?
There are no fees to send or receive money with Google Wallet. The only fee associated with the app is when you add money to your wallet from your debit card (2.9%). Adding money to your wallet from your bank account is free.
Do I have to add money to my Wallet?
No, you can send money from your debit or bank account without adding money to your wallet balance. Adding money to your wallet balance allows you to make purchases using your Google Wallet Debit card.
How long does sending money take?
Sending money with your Google Wallet Balance and debit card is normally instant, but might take up to a few days. You can also send money using your linked bank account, which usually takes 3 days but can take up to 10 business days
How do I know if my transaction went through?
Using the app, there is a transaction status on the front page. There is Pending, which is when the amount you have sent hasn’t reached the recipient’s account yet. There is Processing, which is where the wallet is attempting to get more details about your transaction. And finally, Completed, which means that the transaction has been completed.
Can I use a credit card to send money?
Credit cards cannot be used to send money or add money to your Wallet Balance.
Google Wallet sent me an email asking for my username and passwords, what do I do?
Google Wallet message will ask you to click a link to verify your email, or send an email as a reminder that you sent money. Any email from Google Wallet will not ask for personal information, including credit card numbers or bank account information. If you get any email, even if it looks legitimate, be sure that it is from the correct sender. Do not send person information via email.
I have more questions
In the Google Wallet app, there is a Help Center under the menu. You can also go to