How to get Started & Sending Money

How to get started:
 1. Download Google Wallet onto your device
The application can be found in the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iPhone) 
2.  Open the Google Wallet App and follow steps to get started and sign in with your google account
If you do not have a gmail account, you must create one to continue 
3. Enter your 5 Digit Zip Code & touch the check mark
4. Choose your email preference
5. Review and accept the Terms of Service and allow Google Wallet to send notifications
6. Create a Payment PIN
This 4 digit number with be used to verify access to the Wallet App and to make debit transactions.
7. Confirm your pin
8. To make transactions a payment method must be added.
Adding payment methods:  
Bank Accounts: 
1. Go to the Main Menu and click settings
Under settings you and find information about your Wallet Card and Balance, Settings, Security, Notifications, Monthly Statements, Linked Cards and Bank Accounts
2. Touch Bank Account
You can add up to two bank accounts. 
3. Enter the routing, account number, and information for your bank account. This information can be found at the bottom of a check or by contacting your bank.
5. Touch next
Once you've linked your bank account, Google Wallet need to verify that it belongs to you. If your bank supports it, you'll see the option to choose instant verification. You'll need online access to your bank account for this option.
If your bank doesn't support instant verification, or if you choose test deposit, Google will make a small deposit to your bank account, which you should be able to see after 2-3 days. Confirm the deposit amount in your Google Wallet to verify your bank information.
Debit Card (also Credit Card)
1. Go to the Main Menu and click settings
2. Touch Cards
3. Touch the + (plus) sign in the green circle at the bottom right of the screen
4.  Take a picture of your card or enter you cards details and confirm the right numbers are entered.
5. Touch save  
How to send money: 
1. Open the app and enter your pin number
2.Tap on $0 and enter the amount to be paid.
3. Tap on SEND
4. Where it says "Enter name, email, or phone number" type in
5. Confirm the amount and the account you wish to use. Tap change to select the funding source.
 By taping change, you can view and select the funding sources attached to your account.
5. Where it says "Write an optional message" enter your team name, team number, and week number
These need to be written on all one line. If you hit 'enter' on the phone's keyboard, this will send the payment. 
6. Hit enter on the keyboard or SEND to submit the payment.  
7. Drop your scoresheet in the mail.
Make sure to have it postmarked within two days in order to get bonus points