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Local Rules & Bylaws

UPDATES - NOTE:  If you have suggestions for the local by-laws, please contact the office by e-mail or phone to discuss.  
EFFECTIVE JUNE 2017:  Ghost Player Rule
EFFECTICVIE JUNE 2017 ` Tri-Cup Matches
EFFECTIVE JANUARY 2018 ~ Only Teammates can Keep Score
EFFECTIVE JANUARY 2018 ~ A player cannot take a ball out of the poclet to measure between rail & ball to see if it will fit.  1st time sportsmanship warning and 2nd time Ball in Hand foul.
EFFECTIVE JUNE 2018 (Summer Session) ~ 23 RULE:  If a team goes over the 23 rule there will no longer be a option.  The team that goes over the 23 Rule will be penalized whether their opponent catches it or not.